you arrived savely
Sit tight, relax, enjoy a glimpse in my past and things I have learned for the future. A journey never been told - but shall not be forgotten.
I almost got kicked out of high-school, – because I did not say a word in class.
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I became a graphic designer, – who hated being told how to design.
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Founded a photo and video company – and never felt like a founder.
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Studied brand communication – but was told not to be creative.
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Worked at our small family run enterprise as a marketing manager – but hated to tell others what to do.
Find out why?
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I give people a voice – to hear a thought worth sharing. I visualize thoughts and ideas – to get on the same page. Bring people together – to feel like a team. Question the right things – to share ideas worth solving a problem. Enabling others – to think, prioritize and create.
The end.
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The Beginning.
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